Take Action

We believe students and teachers come first.  Delaware's parents and teachers deserve to make their own decisions on how to run their schools.  Based on the research conducted and how poorly students have been underperforming in reading and math, we propose the following questions to improve Delaware's education system.
  1. How can we improve transparency in the educational system with regard to our investment in students and outcomes seen?
  2. What is the most efficient way to educate our students in terms of the infrastructure of our schools?
  3. Which school roles should be expanded, and which school roles should be contracted to better position students for success?
  4. How can we better incentivize teachers to do what many believe is the toughest job in America?
  5. How can we recruit the next generation of teachers, perhaps some of whom do not even know they want to be teachers at present?
  6. How do we get more community involvement from parents, guardians, and stakeholders to create the "village" necessary to educate our children effectively?
  7. What is the government's role in the hierarchy of those responsible for the education of our children?